Monday, September 15, 2008

Space Olympics

Over the weekend, my friend Brian was in town for the local (and well-organized and fun) Olympic pin show in Lawrenceville, Ga.. It was a good time to get reacquainted with several collectors from back to 1996 and beyond.

After an evening of spending all the money raised selling items at the show, Brian and I wound up tuning in to Michael Phelps' big debut on "Saturday Night Live." Most of the segments of the show did not bring laughs, but it is possible the new SNL video short titled "Space Olympics" may soon be among the top spoofs of the Olympic movement since the Martin Short/Harry Shearer/Christopher Guest synchronized swimming segment of 198os.

Enjoy your trip to the Space Olympics. A pin to the first to comment with correct guess about my favorite line of its lyrics.


Jason said...

How about "We don't cover incidentals, so keep your ass out of the minibar!"

Nicholas Wolaver said...

Very good guess. But INCORRECT!

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