Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Sports at Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

Last Sunday a packed theatre in north Atlanta experienced the documentary "Run For Your Life," which is an excellent film about the man who made the New York City Marathon (disclosure: an Edelman client) what it is today.

During the next couple of days, I'm looking forward to at least two more screenings during the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (disclosure: a pro-bono client of Edelman, the P.R. firm where I work).

Tomorrow night, during the "Short Programs No. 2" session, one film titled "My Olympic Summer" should be enriching. This 12 minute short by an Atlantan -- Daniel Robin -- apparently portrays how his parents' marriage evolved for the better as world events unfolded at the 1972 Olympic Games of Munich (apparently the Olympic Village hostage crisis brought his mom and dad closer in some way -- an review from a critic in U.K. sheds some light). It will be interesting to draw comparison of this personal story to the Oscar winning documentary "One Day In September," which is among my top documentaries and top Olympic film rankings.

For fun, and completely out of the Olympic realm, also planning to screen "Bart Got A Room" as I am itching to see William H. Macy (will he or won't he nail his performance as the Jewish parent of a teenager with the same skill that he had as a Minne-SO-tan in "Fargo" a few years back?).

Hope to see some of you Atlantans in the audience.

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