Thursday, August 13, 2009

Olympics May Link Rings to Golf

Hello from Germany! Posting from the Four Points Sheraton at Munich´s Olympic Village (the hotel was literally part of the 1972 Olympic Village) across the highway from the Munich OlympiaPark, which includes the spectacular Olympic Stadium, Olympic Tower (still coming to türms as I see it each morning) and the big pool where Mark Spitz made history. Olympic history overload, actually (more to come in future posts).

Just wanted to get a few links up from today´s International Olympic Committee announcement of some potential sports to be added to the Olympic program, including GOLF! The announcement was made at IOC meetings in Berlin (what the heck am I doing in Munich?!).

Here is the IOC press release, and here is a USA Today news article by Jerry Potter that sums up the story nicely with some remarks on Olympic golf from Tiger Woods and Padraig Harrington.

This isn´t the first time golf has been up for Olympic consideration (as noted in Potter´s article, golf was on the 1904 Olympic roster in St. Louis).

As I recall, there was much ado about the Atlanta Games (and Billy Payne, specifically -- former ACOG founder turned Augusta National leader post-1996) trying to add golf to the Olympic programme (when I was working on the ACOG archive in 1997, I recall taking a few practice swings with an ACOG-produced golf club infused with the Olympic rings -- guessing that golf club remains in a vault somewhere, or in Billy Payne´s office).

Rugby is also up for consideration, like golf, for the 2016 Olympic Games.

More to come from Munich, and from Lausanne (heading there this weekend). Auf Wiedersehen!

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