Sunday, August 5, 2012

Michael Phelps: "I will say yes if Saturday Night Live calls"

Today at London Media Centre, Michael Phelps completed a press conference with hundreds of reporters. Moderated by TOP Olympic sponsor Visa, which has 26 years of Olympic affiliation (it's everywhere you want to be), Phelps took questions about his Games experience, medals and the future.

Called on to pose the first media gallery question of the press conference, I asked Phelps about his past appearance on "Saturday Night Live" and whether he'd make an encore appearance, or if he received any invitation from "SNL" in the 24 hours since he became history's most decorated Olympian with 22 Olympic medals.

"If I get invited back, would I do it? Sure!" said Phelps, "I was very nervous last time. Hopefully I will have more experiences like that. It was fun. I will definitely say 'yes' if they call."

He added that the live nature of the broadcast left no margin for error, adding to the nervousness.

In 2008, Phelps took part in the famed "Space Olympics" video short and other segments spoofing the Games and that year's political season during a fall 2008 Saturday Night Live broadcast that was the second-most-viewed SNL episode, according to this unconfirmed report.

Had there been an option for a follow up question, I would have asked for more detail about SNL's references to him since 2008.

Photos by Nicholas Wolaver

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