Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not The Turnaround We Need

In case you did not yet vote, please do so. And please vote for Barack Obama.

Just before the London Olympic Games, Mitt Romney many an Olympic gaffe. Unfortunately, his own Olympic record (of leading a very successful Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympics organizing committee), could not save him (and likely contributed to his foot-in-mouth statements that rudely insulted the brilliant Olympic host city).

I once met Romney in Atlanta at the launch party for the Salt Lake Olympic Torch Relay. He was very polite. And his leadership for SLOC impressed me. The book "Turnaround" is a good read for those interested in a great Winter Games.

But the leadership he brought to SLOC is not what we need in the USA or in the world on this day (or any). Please vote. Just not for Romney.

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