Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Conan's Andy Richter: Dead Set On ATL Tourism

In case you missed it last night on TBS, "Conan" star Andy Richter shared his Atlanta travel log featuring stops at several top Atlanta attractions.

Richter ventured out of The Tabernacle, the downtown home of Conan O'Brien and company last week in The ATL for the warmup to the NCAA Final Four at the Georgia Dome. It's my understanding many from the show enjoyed Centennial Olympic Park across the street from the big old church.

After visiting The World of Coca-Cola, Richter donned a "Walker" zombie look from one of his favorite Atlanta-based TV shows, "The Walking Dead," for some in-costume visits to other tourist hotspots including the Georgia Aquarium and CNN Center.

Prior to meeting Richter at the High Museum of Art (a PR client -- our communications team hosted Richter for "Dead Head" filming), I was a fan of his work on NBC, TBS and elsewhere. He also appeared in a Chicago 2016 Olympic bid video a few years back.

After meeting Richter I'm an even bigger fan for his fun antics, polite interaction with the public, down to earth demeanor and his on camera professionalism.

Richter and a small army of TBS writers, camera and sound operators and an entourage of make-up and prop experts from "The Walking Dead" visited the High Museum of Art on March 29, first visiting some of the museum's permanent collection galleries before shooting an outdoor scene near the piazza of the Woodruff Arts Center. As they say on TBS, very funny.

The Conan sidekick and crew also shook hands and posed for photos with onlookers, and took time to visit briefly with the High's director (see photos with this post). When you watch the final bit from the April 8 "Conan" show, it might taste better with some red licorice (a key prop used for the concluding bite at the end of the clip). Enjoy!

Photos by Nicholas Wolaver

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