Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Two Years to Rio 2016

Oh, happy day. Just two years until the opening ceremonies for Rio 2016. Brazil is going to host a great event.

Let the naysayers keep droning on about woes of South America's first Olympic host duties. Of course there will be bumps along the way, some small and some bigger than Sugarloaf Mountain.

But when the dust settles and everyone eases into their seats 730 nights from now, all will be forgiven and the Games will be brilliant.

As a past tourist who enjoyed Brazil, at this two-year milestone I'm personally more excited about the 2016 Olympiad than any since Athens 2004. Beijing was a wonderful experience, mind you, though at the two-years out marker, it was unclear whether I'd pursue that Games due to cost (as it turned out, a work assignment picked up the tab).

When London rolled around, I just could not get in the spirit until about four months from the opening ceremony. Of course, the 2012 Games are now my favourite, with a very high bar set for Rio. But I think comparing Great Britain's Games to Brazil's will be too apples to guaranas. And like the tiny berries from South America, the Rio Games entice with the promise of sweet, caffeine-infused highs.

Hope to see you at Rio 2016.

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