Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sentimental About Sochi

Time flies, too often at an Olympic sprint pace. It hardly seems possible the Sochi Olympics opened one year ago.

Reflecting on February 7, 2014, brings back many fun moments from the day (including a visit to USA House at the Olympic Park), the electric buzz of Putin and the Olympic Torch Relay passing through Central Sochi, and finally the spectacular Opening Ceremony.

For this blogger, the early ceremony video highlighting the Cyrillic alphabet (see below) was one big takeaway -- I've spent many moments of the last year referring back to it and studying the many historic references it includes as clues to Russian culture.

I was also impressed by the technology used to create the parade of nations pathway with details on each national Olympic committee as its athletes entered the stadium. And it was fun to see Maria Sharapova carry in the Olympic flame.

Many Russian friends met during the Sochi experience posted their own photos in honor of the anniversary, indicative, I think, of the national pride the event bestowed (I'm kind of down on the post-Games naysaying about the venues and too-expensive government investment, though I acknowledge and concur the excesses should lead to an evolving list of reforms).

Anyone reading this also have a favorite Sochi memory to share? Please post in comments.

Photos by Nicholas Wolaver

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