Sunday, July 5, 2015

Team USA Goes All The Way

Kudos to the U.S. Soccer Women's National Team on their glorious victory in Vancouver.

Excellent to see the team -- with an audience of 51,000+ in the stadium that hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies (B.C. Canada Place) -- bring home the gold in the form of the 2015 FIFA trophy! 

It was cool to see Vice President Joe Biden joined tens of thousands of U.S.A. soccer fans in the stadium today. I still cannot believe the back-to-back goals so early in the game, and it was fun to learn more about the players during the span of the tournament.

Just the other day the women won in Montreal in the 1976 Olympic Stadium where Jenner won gold. Canada is racking up greatest sports history moments at every turn. 

In London at USA House, I was one of the lucky few to be in attendance with the U.S. women won the Olympic gold and came back to the House for a victory celebration while donning their medals. It was an emotional night with some players' careers coming to an end, and the coach presented a touching speech of sportsmanship (or should I write 'sportswomanship'?).

I can only imagine the celebration taking place in Vancouver tonight, and the great exposure the team will enjoy in the weeks to come while on the home stretch to the Rio 2016 Olympic football tournament. 

On to Brazil! Congrats, Team USA!

Photos via FIFA/Getty Images

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