Thursday, June 23, 2016

Enjoy Olympic Day and Move!

It's Olympic Day, the global holiday launched more than 65 years ago.

According to the Team USA site, more than 160 nations participate through formal Olympic Day events. The International Olympic Committee page for the festivities offers some details.

"Encourage people to get active on Olympic Day. 'Move' can refer to all sorts of physical activity for people of all ages and abilities."

Their use of the word 'move' reminded me of instructions from a famous Nick who appeared frequently on Saturday Night Live.

In the USA, a record-setting 2,120 Olympic Day events are planned nationwide, according to the U.S. Olympic Committee press release.

Olympic bid cities are getting in on the action, too, with LA2024 hosting Olympic Day festivities in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

"Olympic Day is a unique opportunity to get a taste of what it means to inspire the next generation around the positive and powerful values of sport and Olympism," said LA24 Vice Chair and Director of Athlete Relations Janet Evans.

Image via IOC


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