Sunday, July 31, 2016

Tale of Two Perry's (Olympic Perry's)

Just over three months ago, the U.S. Olympic Committee hosted a special "100 Days Out" Road To Rio tour stop in Times Square.

The daylong event featured dozens of Rio-bound Olympians and cameos by medalists of earlier Games. 

The occasion also coincided with NBC's countdown to Rio coverage featuring an appearance by The Band Perry. The group announced their new release "Live Forever" was selected as "official song" for Team USA.

Happily in the right place a the right time, I captured The Band Perry's first Olympic-related interview a couple of hours after their appearance on "The TODAY Show" and they seemed very excited to share details of their new five-ringed status. 

Check out and please share the Olympic Rings And Other Things interview with The Band Perry at Times Square here:

By mid-July, it turned out The Band Perry is not the only official "Perry" at the Games.

NBC announced the network's selection of pop superstar Katy Perry and her fresh song "Rise" as their official Olympic anthem, moving the solo artist into an elite group of Olympic performers including Whitney "One Moment In Time" Houston, Celine "The Power of the Dream" Dion, Aretha "Carry The Flame" Franklin, LeAnn "Light The Fire Within" Rimes, and Gloria "Reach" Estefan. 

Personally, this blogger LOVES (with googly eyes) Katy Perry. Her hit "Dark Horse" ranks among the top songs of my Sochi 2014 travel playlist. I must have listened to that song 100+ times while working in Russia. 

It will be interesting and fun to see if Ms. Hudson brings her "Firework" showcase to Brazil and USA House during the next three weeks (fingers crossed she does). 

After all, I met her ex husband Russell Brand a day after his appearance in London's Olympic closing ceremony and chatting up the Games with Perry would provide a nice bookend to the earlier Mr. Katy conversation. Check out the official video for "Rise" below (and enjoy!). 

Photos by Nicholas Wolaver

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