Sunday, July 20, 2008

What About Bob?

One thing (among many) to love about the Atlanta Press Club is that if you attend one of their events at which a "national correspondent of _______" will attend, chances are very good you'll get to shake hands with that V.I.P.

Last's night's annual APC awards dinner afforded many in attendance some time to quiz Bob Edwards about his experiences at National Public Radio and his current gig with XM Satellite Radio.

When asked about his favorite Olympic interview memory, Edwards was quick to point out there were many Olympian interviews conducted over the years, but none he could recall taking place before or during a Games. Rather, "Usually only years later and after they had their memoirs out or something [similar]," said Edwards.

Though he did not mention a specific Olympic interview, there are several archived NPR interviews conducted by Edwards online, including one interview regarding the state of the Iraq Olympic team.

When asked about Beijing, Edwards said, "It will certainly be different [that other] Games," and that XM would not be sending staff members to China.

Edwards' prepared remarks at the sold out APC event included other Q&A about his tenure and departure from NPR, the state of journalism (and the march towards citizen journalism) and the extent to which XM Satellite Radio is similar to not-for-profit radio (he joked that with XM breaking even for many consecutive years, it's not exactly 'for profit' either).

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