Monday, July 28, 2008

Lao-tzu For You

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," was the quote that came to mind at the Atlanta airport yesterday (this thought sent me scrambling online to find its author, Lao-tzu -- who knew?). Given the long history behind this quote, at this moment, wondering the stage at which the word 'miles' was added to the translation.

The journey of more than ten thousand miles from Georgia to China at last is underway! Touched down in Milwaukee on Sunday for a day of last-minute pre-Games prep, visit with girlfriend and family, an overdue haircut and a free lunch courtesy of Milwaukee's cool Downtown Employees Appreciation Week (we have got to get one of these in Atlanta!). On the flight here via the BEST Care In The Air, had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Compton, a CEO from Calhoun, Ga., who was heading to Wisconsin for a week of presentations (good luck to him!).

Milwaukee has a curious mix of Olympic connections. The Pettit National Ice Center west of downtown is a great home for U.S. speedskaters (though not likely any will be in Beijing). Downtown's historic Hilton Hotel is fabulously affordable (and an Olympic lodging sponsor). And the magnificent Milwaukee Art Museum was designed by Spain's Santiago Calatrava (it's my understanding he's behind many of Barcelona's and Athens' key Olympic venue designs, and according to reference sites, today is his 57th birthday). Milwaukee would be an outstanding satellite venue for Chicago 2016 thanks to perfect (summer) weather and proximity north on Lake Michigan.

Also learning the how-to's of Flip Camera use (perhaps the coolest camera of all time!) and will post videos once more editing practice is complete. Dog tired, but jazzed that in just 12 hours the next leg (MKE to Detroit) will be complete before the long leg to Tokyo and Beijing.

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