Monday, July 20, 2009

Mary Lou Interview, Part Deux

As noted previously, Saturday night's LA84 XXV gala at the 1932 and 1984 Olympic Stadium (Los Angeles Coliseum) afforded media and guests some time to speak directly with several Olympians. Mary Lou Retton answered many questions posed by a circle of reporters, and I was happy to see her answers to more than one of my own questions appeared in another media outlet on Sunday.

There were lots of questions posed to Retton regarding the impact of the Games for the U.S. and for her career; I was more interested in her personal experiences in the Olympic Village (created by Anita DeFrantz, who was then an LAOOC vice president -- interview with DeFrantz, now an IOC member, to follow later this week).

Over the years since 1984, especially after working in the Atlanta Olympic Village and the Sydney Olympic Village, I was often curious about whether Retton remained in the L.A. Village after her life-altering competition ended.

Glad to get these questions answered!

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