Sunday, July 12, 2009

Great Cartoons Live In Amer-i-ca!

Until recent weeks, I had not seen the cartoon "Tom The Dancing Bug" by Ruben Bolling very often.

Upon reading his Supreme Court spoofs (shown above, via Bolling's website and, I have a feeling I'll read Bolling's work on a regular basis (another Tom has been on my list for awhile -- brilliant!).

Perhaps the closest friend I have is a Yale Law grad who worked at the Supreme Court as he was wrapping up law school requirements a few years ago. We've exchanged a few notes and detailed articles on Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Here's hoping her confirmation hearings are more of an Olympic sprint than a marathon!
Judge Sotomayor may not have direct ties to the Olympics, but I did find she shares a birthday (though five years his senior) with one of Finland's gold medal ski jumpers. One of Sotomayor's most interesting decisions, in my view, is related to copyright law for freelance journalists.

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