Monday, September 14, 2009

If Hollywood Were Run Like the Olympics ...

In a 1991 article of People Magazine, the reporter Jeannie Park wrote in her lede the following regarding Patrick Swayze:

"IF HOLLYWOOD WERE RUN LIKE THE OLYMPICS, Patrick Swayze would never lose. Who else can rope a calf, swan-dive into a pool, parachute from a plane, cry on cue—and turn a mean pirouette? And there's one other category that Swayze would win hands down: Trying Hardest to Dodge Typecasting as a Romantic Leading Man."

I always figured Swayze would be a down-to-earth celebrity in person. Whether he played the heartthrob or a douchebag (i.e. his character played to perfection in "Donnie Darko"), Swayze was entertaining. The penny scene in "Ghost" was a little much, but still good.
His opening monologue (including a classy dance with his wife) on "Saturday Night Live" is still tops, and who will ever forget this skit that helped Chris Farley establish himself on the network?
Will be humming that Swayze tune, no doubt, for a few days. So long, Johnny Castle.

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