Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Onion: Haiti Enters Olympic Bid

Got a chuckle from the Sept. 4 report in The Onion regarding Haiti's Olympic bid for the Games of the LXXXIth Olympiad (that's 2216).

The illustration, and photo with the story, tells the tale of Port-Au-Prince's Olympic Dreams. Believe!

I love the quote attributed to International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge, speaking to media "pushing away a goat ..." on site.

It could be great to see the realization of a Silvio Cator Olympic Stadium, named for Haiti's Olympic medal winner -- he took home the silver in long jump at the 1928 Summer Olympics at Amsterdam, according to the IOC site and other sources (interesting to note Haiti's other Olympic medal, a bronze, noted here).

On the real news front, today updated the 2016 Olympic BidIndex, which shifts the lead among the four candidate cities.

Graphic via The Onion.

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