Monday, May 3, 2010

Goodbye, Georgy Girl

Lately it seems that the only time I find to blog is right around the time some celebrity dies.

Sorry for another bad news post, but this one is about the passing of Lynn Redgrave, one of the nicest celebrities I had the pleasure of escorting for a morning media tour in Atlanta.

In early 2004, Redgrave was in town performing "The Exonerated" on stage at then-client, Georgia Tech's Ferst Center for the Arts. We picked up Redgrave (in my Volvo, mind you) at the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Midtown Atlanta, and Ms. Redgrave, her personal publicist and I (as P.R. for the Ferst Center) trekked over to WAGA-TV Fox 5's set for a "Good Day Atlanta" interview.

Redgrave was so polite, eager to discuss "The Exonerated" and happy to answer my silly questions about her roles in "Georgy Girl" and "Shine" (I chickened out and did not ask about her work with Woody Allen for "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask"). She kicked-butt on her TV interview, too -- I was disappointed that travels out of town later that day prevented my attendance at the play to see her in a real performance.

Ms. Redgrave provided one of those celebrity interactions before my habit of asking Olympic-related questions kicked in, so I did not speak with her about any Games connections during our brief conversations. Just remembered she laughed during my attempts at quoting her "Shine" co-star's line to her character, imploring Redgrave to "Talk to the Stars!"

I hope she is.

Photo via Yahoo! credited to the Everett Collection


Anonymous said...
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Everything said...

Very sweet and vivid memorial. My heart took a jolt to learn of her death. I too see her as one of the good people celebs. Actually her entire family are really a group of admirable people... they do stuff with their lives besides acting in plays and films.

I think though that she was the sweetest one.

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