Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Rio 2016 Olympic Logo Unveiled

As noted on New Year's Eve, the Rio 2016 organizing committee unveiled the new 2016 Olympic logo at Copacabana beach with more than 1 million revellers in attendance.

I first glanced at the new logo online just a few minutes before heading out for New Year's Eve in Atlanta (the unveil occurred a time zone or two ahead of EST), and both my girlfriend and I instantly loved the new design, which is the first Olympic logo that is truly three dimensional (or are there others I just don't recall?).

We also loved the cursive script, another first. As predicted, green and yellow factored into the design. This will make for some lovely "look of the Games" decor around the city come Games time, and the pins and other memorabilia will be gorgeous with this color scheme. Bravo, Rio!

What do you think of the new emblem?

Logo via the Rio 2016 Olympic Organizing Committee


Anonymous said...

I agree, Nick, this is one of the very best Olympic logos I've seen. It's so vibrant (like Rio!), fun and interesting. Bravo!

Nicholas Wolaver said...

Thanks, Marilynn. I do think this logo design has a lot of potential for 3-D applications in broadcast during the next six years. Bravo, Rio, for sure.

jhonblack said...

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amhash said...

Its is nice logo for Olympic 2016.
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