Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year & Happy New Rio 2016 Logo

Excitement is building for the blowout traditional New Year's Eve festivities in Rio de Janiero, with the *BONUS* excitement tomorrow as the new logo for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will be unveiled at Copacabana Beach.

Today's Associated Press report shares more detail. Any predictions for the new logo?

I am guessing that green and yellow will remain prominent features. Something off the wall and new for the future (as was the London 2012 logo when unveiled) is also likely as Brazil may wish to push the envelope.
Looking forward to 2011 and the big unveil on the news, which I expect will appear on CNN shortly before midnight Eastern Standard Time.
Happy New Year from!


olmofamily said...

Happy New Year to you too- best wishes for a rockin' 2011! Much love, Meg

Nicholas Wolaver said...

The new year should indeed rock. Happy New Year, Meg. How is Kansas?

olmofamily said...

Freezing, windy, dare I say miserable?:) But the sun shines on us today. Hope your night out with Donna was wonderful- call me soon with details.

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