Saturday, February 18, 2012

IOC Conference on Women and Sport -- Geena Davis

Just arrived at the IOC Conference on Women and Sport in Los Angeles, in the nick of time to hear Geena Davis, Anita DeFrantz and Diana Nyad speak to a packed ballroom of attendees. Unfortunately I missed the main remarks, but entered as Donna de Varona (an audience member) shared her perspective on the evolution of women in sports media.

Also heard from audience members (via Q&A session), notably one attendee suggesting a national registry for sports coaches convicted of harrassment or pedophilia, to which Nyad responded, "Why wait for a conviction? If you're fired [for one of these issues] you're out [of coaching]."

I look forward to the upcoming sessions today, featuring several IOC members and Olympic participants, and will post additional details. Thanks to the USOC and their P.R. team for the last minute credential!

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