Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vote For Greatest Sports Films

While searching the LA Times for coverage of the IOC's Fifth World Conference on Women and Sport (underway through Saturday), stumbled upon a sports film competition inviting readers to submit their top 10 lists of greatest sports films.
There are some excellent nominations posted by readers, and here's my list submitted for consideration:
1. Chariots of Fire
2. One Day In September
3. Bull Durham
4. Olympia
5. Breaking Away
6. Any Given Sunday
7. 16 Days of Glory
8. The Natural
9. Rocky
10. Personal Best
Of course, could have gone with a few more outstanding Olympic-themed films including Berlin '36, Munich (which is a Spielberg REMAKE of Sword of Gideon), Ice Castles, The Cutting Edge, Prefontaine, Downhill Racer or Cool Runnings. Also considered more documentaries such as Tokyo Olympiad, and comedies including Jerry Maguire, Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore or Major League.
I always enjoyed the winter Olympic venues in the James Bond films On Her Majesty's Secret Service and For Your Eyes Only.
What are your favorites? Be sure to cast your votes via the LA Times. Happy voting!
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