Wednesday, April 18, 2012

100 Days To London

The 100 days to the London Olympics kind of snuck up on me.
Well, not exactly.
Since February 13, my world's been rocked and rolled by big changes, including dramatic career moves, family health issues, relationship turmoil. My brain's been on just about everything and anything EXCEPT the London 2012 Olympics.
But I want to change that all today and tonight by committing not just to 100 consecutive days of Olympic blog posts; rather, I'm writing here to commit to fresh posts every day now through 13 August 2012 (117 days from now), when the world will toast London's final hours of the 2012 Olympic Games and all eyes will shift to Rio de Janiero for 2016.
About 24 hours ago, the first photos for London's 100 Days countdown started popping up online, and they've really got some exciting things in store for this summer. Closer to home, today brought the U.S. Olympic Committee commemoration events in Times Square which looked promising (and I will take a peek at their results after completing this post). Sponsor news is everywhere. Oh, and then there's the athlete news!
Not sure what to post next, but the pile of newly published Olympic books, recent Olympic press kits and P.R. pitches, tear sheets of magazine and newspaper articles and scraps of paper on which blog ideas are scribed should yield an abundance of five-ringed Olympic blog posts in the hours, days, weeks and four months ahead.
Do you have an Olympic question? Send it to me! Do you have a topic or idea about which you want to read? Tell me and I'll see what I can do. Post it as a comment or email me via olympiada@ with "Olympic Blog Question" or "Olympic Blog Idea" and I'll take a look.
This Olympic year already proved to be remarkable -- any year when you shake hands with Clint Eastwood (as I did this time last week -- thanks, Eldredge ATL) has got to be good, or at least, well, extraordinary.
Here's to 100 Days of extraordinary, and 16 Days of Glory for London.
Photo via Reuters (LOCOG handout)

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Harry Morgan said...

Not long left now! I'm looking forward to staying in a serviced apartment in London
for the duration of the games! Cannot wait!

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