Monday, April 23, 2012

Heavy Medal

A few nights ago my Olympic buddy Brian and I went back to age 10, if only for a few hours, as we absorbed about two hours of expertly crafted hard rock music.

Van Halen. In concert. It was so ... ON!

Yes, Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth & Co. put on a good show. Neither Philips Arena, nor my eardrums, may ever be the same.

Who knew that an ocean away some heavy metal was unveiled in the form of the London 2012 Olympic medals.

Check out The Princess Royal (former resident of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Village -- I still have one of her custom porcelain Centennial Games plates, thank you) with LOCOG Chairman Sebastian Coe opening Pandora's Box of praise and criticism for the newly minted designs.

I like the traditional side featuring Nike above the 1896 Athens Olympic Stadium (see design of 1896 Greek Olympic stamp a couple of posts prior to this one). Not sure what to make of the "modern" and logo-clad side, though the design is growing on me.

The Daily Mail newspaper crafted an interesting albeit commentary-rich Olympic medals infographic.

What do you think of the Olympic medals for London 2012?

Photo of The Princess Royal and Sebastian Coe via Getty Images; Infographic via the Daily Mail.

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Harry Morgan said...

I think that they look great. I'm staying in a serviced apartment in Londonin the area around the museum that they were launched in, and visited on the day of launch.

And indeed, the pictures do not do the medals enough justice as in real-life, they do look veeryyy heavy!

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