Saturday, July 28, 2012

En Route to the Opening Ceremony

Before posting about the magnificent London Olympic opening ceremony, here's a roundup of images snapped en route to the Olympic Stadium in London. Posted mostly in order, this includes the tube ride, the approach to the stadium island bridge, the ticket check process and some images around the Olympic park inside the stadium complex.
It is curious to me that for the first time in any Olympics I can recall, the fans who paid hundreds of pounds or dollars to attend did not receive a commemorative program. I suspect in this Games of austerity, selling the glossy programs at 15 pounds each was a savvy move on the part of the organizers (but it also was the one and only bummer of the arrival process to receive a free one-page run of show and movie theatre-style 3-D glasses as the only "included" takeaways ... unless, of course, you count the lifetime of memories of the wonderful event.

Photos by Nicholas Wolaver

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