Thursday, July 12, 2012

Everything But London

It seems these recent weeks again kept me from blogging. Just about everything was on the brain except blogging about the Olympics -- client projects, a field trip to Wisconsin (followed by a similar trek to Oklahoma), car issues, health concerns (fortunately my health is fine but I've been helping with some family items). It was only a couple of days ago that I finally booked passage to London!

Now it's just 10 days until my eighth on-site Olympiad. On July 23 we'll touch down at Heathrow, catch a train to Paddington Station, drop by the hotel then knock on the doors at the London Media Centre. Can hardly wait!
This week the U.S. Olympic Committee announced the 530 member Team USA for London, including 228 returning Olympians and 76 Olympic Champions. There are some amazing personalities and sports women and men on the roster, and I'll work to profile many of the folks met at the Team USA Summit (in Dallas in May) during the next few days.

 It is cool that more women (269) than men (261) will represent the United States of America in 246 of 302 medal events, according to the Team USA announcement. Be sure to check out the other team fun facts at the USOC link.

I now have tickets to several key wish list London Olympic events: The women's tennis and mixed doubles gold medal matches at Wimbledon; the women's beach volleyball gold medal game (for the Olympic three-peat following attendance at the same event in Athens and Beijing); an all-day archery event, an half-day shooting event, synchronized swimming and women's triathlon. I selected many of the latter events specifically because Team USA athletes impressed me during the Summit event in Dallas, and I hope they do very well in the field of play.

The one remaining wish list item: The coveted Opening Ceremony ticket. I was outbid several times in failed attempts to score this prized item. Any offers and advice to acquire one ticket will be appreciated.

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