Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On Big Bird And Binders

Watching the debates prompted me to dust off my copy of Mitt Romney's book "Turnaround" and his work with the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic organizing committee. I met Romney in December 2001 when the Salt Lake Olympic Torch Relay began in Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park. This book is a good read no matter one's political persuasion.

More on both the book and that brief meeting will follow on a later post. But for today, I just wanted to post a brief thought on last night's debate. See the photo I uploaded with this post -- in a word, "binder" was the blunder of the discussion (among many remarks I suspect Romney wishes he could do over).

I liked most President Obama's closing remarks. Sort of a K.O. Until the next debate ...

Image includes photo via PBS

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