Thursday, February 6, 2014

Trippin' to Grocery for Russian 'Shroom Fix

Today was move-in day at new hotel. After four days in the hills overlooking Sochi (at Hotel Aks), the plan was to board a cruise ship docked here for the Games (advance booking completed in December).

But as is the norm for all things 2014, a surprise change occurred, this time with a dose of serendipity. The ship apparently was commandeered for government or sponsor use, so my reservation changed (an upgrade!) from a windowless cabin off-shore to a fifth floor seaside room in a four-star hotel (I can see the cruise ship from the hotel).

Not quite like the "junior suite" referenced in the SNL "Space Olympics" video, but it will do.

Across the street from the new hotel is a "New York" steakhouse at which I enjoyed a nice filet mignon served with the most savory and unexpectedly delicious grilled plum sauce (Soooo good!) with a Jack & Coke and grilled vegetables (and baked pear with caramel, crushed almond and ice cream for dessert).

Stumbling out of the restaurant with near-food-coma status, my eyes fixed on a small neighborhood grocery to buy some bottled water, and I found the best surprise treat in Sochi so far. Shrooms!

Who says you can't blog and do 'shrooms? Bonus -- the box reminds me of that popular Mellow pizza chain back in Atlanta!

And thank goodness they included a Cracker Jack prize (or warning label) on which "X" means "Just Say No" to real 'shrooms.

Photo by Nicholas Wolaver

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