Sunday, August 21, 2016

Meet Some Olympic Medalists

The morning of my most recent post, I exited my Ipanema apartment pumped to see Kim Rhode compete in Olympic shooting.

My friends who've seen me since that afternoon will tell you the toll that commute took on me.

Sadly, getting to the most remote venue in the Deodoro Olympic area northwest of Rio forever tarnished my to-that-point positive impressions of 2016 Games execution.

I am convinced the Rio 2016 planners who created the spectator pathways are either complete morons, heroin addicts, masochists or some combination of the three. More about these observations will be shared later. 

Meanwhile, the last 16 days provided many positive interactions with Olympic medalists from around the world.

Since I am dog tired and prepping for the final day of the Games including tonight's closing ceremony, presented here is a partial roundup of Olympic champions and silver or bronze medalists encountered in Brazil, some as recent as last night at basketball and the track.


All photos by Nicholas Wolaver may not be used without permission.

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