Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Opening Weekend Roundup

Days one to and three at the Rio Olympics were smooth, easy and loads of fun.

Saturday afternoon, my week-one travel buddy, Joanne, joined me at Olympic archery in the world-famous Sambadromo, where we witness the men's team competition including Korea and Team USA placing one-two as the sun set.

Later that evening we made our way to the first of three nights of Olympic swimming -- with each evening, our seating in the aquatic center improved, finding our way closer and closer to the action in the pool.

What a thrill it's been to witness several medalists for Team USA, including swimmers Murphy, Ledecky, King and, of course, Phelps & Co. for the 4 x 100 men's freestyle relay.

Sunday also brought time to see women's gymnastics preliminaries after my first full shift in the press mixed zone at Carioca 3 Arena, where Massialas won silver to an Italian fencer. In our media area, we queue to coaches and officials down the proper corridor while the athletes move from one batch of reporters to the next as they exit the field of play.

Very cool to see Massialas' medals up close (though photos are not permitted while on duty).

Geography continues to be the big bear at this Olympics ... one-, two- and three-hour commute times in each direction for events or volunteering tries one's patience, as does the 2-3 km hikes from the transport to the venues.

Some of this is to be expected, however, and we've paced ourselves in spite of four very late nights. Monday was a designated "recovery day" and this morning I am jazzed for a full day of volunteering up the street at USA House.

It is so ... on! Raked in about 140 new pins so far. Running into old friends while meeting many new ones everywhere.

More updates to follow soon. Thank you for reading!

Photos by Nicholas Wolaver


Jtrouba2016 said...

Didn't manage to catch the opening ceremonies and weekend events myself, but really like the work you've done to highlight major points!

Check out a piece of our work you might be interested in about the camera technology in use at Rio 2016:


Shuvo Imran said...

Every game of the Olympics is available online. With http://selecttv.com/olympics you can even watch streams from the countries participating which is cool. And it's all free, no login, unlike NBC's.

jenna said...



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