Friday, August 29, 2008

Beijing Blogging Blues

Oh, man. Blogging at the Olympics is tough business.

First there are work duties, which were vast (in addition to the B.C. Canada Pavilion's second week at the Games, assignments came in from one other client pavilion as well as another client who arrived for the Closing Ceremony weekend).

Then off-the-clock there are ticketed events, unexpected opportunities, spontaneous pin trades, transportation timing and challenges, new and old friend visits and other 'distractions' with which to contend. By the time you're back at home for the night, it's time to crash and gear up for the next day's adventures (sadly, blogging is not on the brain, though there are countless stories perfect for sharing).

Excuses aside: I'm now back from Beijing, following a 23-hour commute that included four-airports/flights, four overweight suitcases ($130 fees to transport hundreds of pounds of Olympic loot), and some of the worst airline food available (the prize goes to the Tokyo McDonald's so-called bacon cheeseburger, though they do deserve props for accepting the last of my China yuan AND a few U.S. dollars as payment).

It's Friday morning and my rear end is planted at my favorite Milwaukee Hotel (the historic Ambassador Hotel near downtown and Marquette University) and their awesome Deco Caffe. I have a six-pack of 10 oz. Coca-Cola bottles and plenty of wireless and laptop battery, so the blogging about Beijing resumes now. Sorry to leave everyone for my last week in China -- the 2008 Olympics will be very tough to top, and the next few entries/topics will explain exactly why.

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