Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh, Henry!

At B.C. Canada Pavilion's location aside the Beijing Planning Exhibition Center, there was a bit of buzz on Thursday. We've had a couple of false alarms about VIP arrivals, but this one turned out to be real.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger emerged from an air conditioned bus and shook hands with a few of the pavilion staff before he took a tour of the BPEC's famous floor model of the skyline of Beijing. His small entourage included his son, who tried to help facilitate a brief FlipCam interview (which the good doctor declined, unfortunately).

The FlipCam DID capture Kissinger's photo opp with the museum director and translator and an impromptu handshake with one of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Kissinger stepped out of the photo opp specifically to offer his hand to this uniformed officer). He was polite and smiled as he was presented a book of photos from his diplomatic missions to China of the early 1970s.

Had Kissinger agreed to interview, my questions would have been two or three: When he was Secretary of State for Nixon, did he ever dream of returning to China to attend an Olympic Games? Given his personal history spanning several continents, what are his favorite personal Olympic moments? And, What's better from his perspective -- winning a Nobel Prize or an Olympic Gold?

While snapping the shots of Special K in the museum, he did comment on the Bird's Nest stadium he'll apparently visit today for Opening Ceremonies. "Very good," he said.

Gotta LOVE that accent of his!

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