Monday, August 4, 2008

Take A Bite Out Of Crime

I have yet to spot McGruff the Crime Dog in Beijing (biting my tongue on several possible cuisine comments related to 'China Syndrome' post below), but Olympic blog readers can help take a bite out of crime during the Games.

Just days before embarking on this Beijing work travel, one night outside my office I was troubled to find my Georgia license plate -- "OLYMPIC" -- was swiped from the back of my vehicle. Annoying. Frustrating. Disappointed!

Fortunately many sympathetic friends and contacts have helped spread the word about the pilfered plate (helping to prevent its listing on Ebay, Craig's List, license plate collector sites, and the like). I'm now offering a reward for its safe return.

Thanks to blogger and reporter, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's "Social Butterfly" Jennifer Brett, a new lead or two have trickled in (Jennifer posted an item on her blog that provides more details). While my expectations are low that the plate will show up any time soon, I appreciate your support and sympathies (and thanks also to Atlanta 5-0 for helping with the police report).


April said...

Wow... When JBC is out of the country, do you think I should put his license plate under armed guard?

Nicholas Wolaver said...

Play it safe, April. Play ... it ... safe!

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