Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blue Skies!

Clear sky. It does exist in Beijing. Today we trekked back to Edelman Beijing and snapped a couple of shots (shown) of their building's next door neighbor, CCTV's new headquarters (under construction). Oh, man, it is awesome!
During the last few days, we noticed a flat, circular structure being added atop this massive building. My theory is that it is a helipad or a temporary Olympic Cauldron (at least two other buildings around the city appear to have similar rooftop "cauldrons" for unknown use).
Which brings me to a theory about the Olympic Cauldron for this city. I don't think anyone has seen it! Which leads me to believe that the entire opening of the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium is going to be ignited, creating the first stadium-sized Olympic cauldron (which from a distance will appear as a giant flame juxtaposed with the neighboring Water Cube swim center. We'll see.
Any theories out there?


Jason said...

I heard on NPR that the air is thick as pea soup most of the time, notwithstanding all the cleanup work. Maybe your "serious condition" would be a more fitting description?

Nicholas Wolaver said...

Yes, most days the sky over Beijing has been very hazy (thicker haze than I've ever seen). The surrounding mountains no doubt play their part in keeping it nice an steamy in the valley.

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