Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't Fence Me In

David Byrne (who celebrates his birthday on May 14, like yours truly) recorded my favorite version of the Cole Porter tune "Don't Fence Me In," and apt melody for news coverage of VANOC's ludicrous decision to place the 2010 Olympic Cauldron in a location "off limits" to the masses in the Olympic City.

I'm sorry, but for all their successes, VANOC's and the RCMP's decisions on this topic remain just plain stupid.
Their explanation of the decision (I suspect infused with messaging from the feds) perhaps takes things to the "galactically stupid" level.
We need SNL's Seth Meyers and Amy Pohler incredulously asking "Really!?!" at VANOC's next press conference on the Cauldron/fence topic.

Fortunately, some sensible passersby or helpful security guards near the International Broadcast Center in Vancouver took it upon themselves to "tear down this [fabric bunting-covered] wall [chain-link fence]" to provide some visual access of the cauldron from a distance. At least one may now place their camera lens up to the fence to get a shot of the VANOC staff hanging out under their cauldron.

The cauldron, in my opinion, is interesting and beautiful. When they fired it up in the Opening Ceremony, the building was warm and spirits were aglow. One can feel the same heat outdoors at the "public" location.

The design reminds me of the "Fortress of Solitude" that grew out of the Arctic ice when Clark Kent tossed the green crystal in "Superman: The Movie," the film that had the great John Williams-composition "Can You Read My Mind."

VANOC and RCMP, can you please re-read the minds of tens of thousands of your customers (the world, which you are hosting)?

Take down that fence!

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