Monday, February 15, 2010

Whad'Ya Know -- JOE!

So, after a day at the office, this evening I was walking down the street in Vancouver to visit a friend, rounded a corner and BAM!

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's motorcade (including at least a dozen trucks) was parked in front of a strip club!

Actually, his motorcade was parked across the street from the strip club and Irish House (a party pavilion) as Vice President Biden was visiting USA House, which is located in an unmarked new mixed-use glass tower that opened a few weeks ago.

As you'll see in the video, most of the folks waiting outside the USA House entry were curious Canadians anxious to see who all the fuss was about; naturally, the only RUDE arrivals were fellow Americans shoving through the Canadians while trying to b.s. their way into USA House (hey, I've been that guy), unaware that Mr. Biden was about to exit, which he did -- BAM!

Donning a Team USA ball cap, Biden took a few minutes to sign autographs and dodge questions from Olympic bloggers and others shooting video and snapping photos. Biden was fairly subdued, not at all the chatty type as he is often portrayed on late night comedy sketches.

Also, Biden appeared in remarkably good spirits in spite of the apparent motorcade vehicle incident that injured Olympic skating star Peggy Fleming and others (all are now OK).

It was exciting to witness the U.S.V.P. motorcade in action, and impressive to see Mr. Biden in person (hope he stays in town for more Team USA festivities). If timing and work schedule permit, tomorrow there's a return visit to USA House on my calendar for late afternoon (an event with Picabo Street!).

Only at the Olympics can one walk down the street, round a corner and come within steps of a national hero -- BAM!

Photo via Yahoo! News Canada and Associated Press/Elaine Thompson

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