Tuesday, February 2, 2010

POLL: Which Canadian Musicians Will Rock the Olympic Opening Ceremony?

With just days to go until the Vancouver Olympic Opening Ceremony, folks are buzzing about who will perform and represent Canada on the big night Feb. 12.

I'd like to know who you think will perform, so please peruse the Olympic Rings And Other Things poll (on the right side of screen just below the "About Me" section) and click on as many names as you like.

If you know a Canadian musician who is not listed but you believe may perform, please email that name to me or post a comment (I might add names to the poll, but only Canadians).

Happy clicking!

Update: Dang it all! I thought that k.d. lang was on the poll, and only now realized she was left off by mistake. But I do think she should be on the poll (sorry, k.d. lang and fans) -- unfortunately, now that there are votes posted, she cannot be added. So noting her here in this update -- if you want to vote for her, please send me an e-mail.

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