Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Blog Pin Offer -- Get 'Em While They're Hot!

Olympic pin trading is everywhere in Vancouver, from the "official" trading areas in department stores and the airport, to casinos and Yaletown tents, to impromptu swapping (and discreet sales) spots on Granville Street and other points of interest.

Now the sport of Olympic pin trading is here on this Olympic blog with a special offer:

The first five readers who post a comment -- describing your favorite place to trade pins in Vancouver -- will receive a free Olympic blog pin for (as shown with this post).

You must post a comment on this blog to qualify. I'll either deliver the pin to your suggested Vancouver location or mail the pin to those first five to comment.

There are only 500 of these Olympic blog pins (numbered by hand), and I'm getting down to the last of them.

Happy writing, and thanks for reading the Olympic blog.


Steph said...

Hi Nicholas, I just saw your blog after you left a comment on Andrea's. Am looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog.

Nicholas Wolaver said...

Thank you, Steph. Great to virtually meet you, and thank you for visiting the blog. If you would like a pin, please drop me a link via the "contact me" profile page (my email there). Enjoy the Games!

L said...

My favorite place to swap pins is the impromptu locations, anytime, anywhere!

Julie said...

I can't remember how I originally stumbled on your blog but I have been checking it faithfully every day. Good job! I love the Olympics and I'm so envious of your adventures and experiences. Thanks for an inside look and for sharing!

ps - besides Celine Dion, do you think Shania Twain will make an appearance at the closing ceremonies? I'm hoping!

-Julie H in Cincinnati, OH

Nicholas Wolaver said...

L and Julie, thank you for your comments. Please send me an email via the contact me page and I'll get you a pin.

Regarding Shania Twain -- it is a possibility, since she has not popped up at other events. But I can't think of any of her song titles that are an appropriate sendoff for the world (suggestions?).

My money is on Alanis Morisette in da house singing "You See Everything" -- my wish is that Leonard Cohen will appear with k.d. lang for an encore duet of Hallelujia

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