Thursday, February 4, 2010

Return To Robson Square

Two weeks ago, Robson Square in downtown Vancouver was the site of the first special event I attended for the lead up to Olympic Games.

Though I've returned to Robson Square a few times the last few days and nights, tonight marked my first evening visit during which a lot of finishing touches were gelling.

Down in the square, which is steps below street level, a skating rehearsal was underway at the new GE Ice Center (disclosure: GE is a client).

A pair of workers were using a torch (eerily similar to an Olympic Torch) to apply some special decals to the concrete staircase, while all around, a mix of locals, tourists and media were watching, not only the skaters, but also the sky as above us there were two new features that will dazzle Olympic attendees: A new "zip line" attraction that crosses the square a few dozen feet overhead, and a new searchlight system that created a pyramid of light beams above the cityscape.

Less than eight days to go -- can hardly wait to see what awesome surprises pop up tomorrow!

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