Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Double Buble! -- Michael Buble, at Club Bud in Vancouver, Talks about The Colbert Report Taping; Dares The World To Criticize Canada!

I gather for most Canadians, running into Michael Buble once is a big deal.

Saturday night at Club Bud in Vancouver (a client) afforded me an encore, er, "Double Buble" encounter on the heels of filming him (and snagging the least legible celebrity autograph since meeting Ennio Morricone in Torino) backstage at The Colbert Report taping in Vancouver.

If you have not yet seen that Stephen Colbert and Michael Buble video, it's right here.

Buble impressed me -- he is quite calm and really made time to speak with fans at both Vancouver sightings. Observing his other red carpet interviews, one could sense that Buble is bursting with Canadian pride. He commented several times on the massive crowds throughout downtown.

According to Buble, he dined with NBC's Tom Brokaw and Lorne Michaels just the night before singing dueling national anthems with Colbert -- not surprising that Colbert earned Buble's praise as "a class act."

I was surprised that toward the end of our conversation at Club Bud, Buble seemed to be throwing down a dare to, um, just about everyone outside of Canada!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Love Michael Buble! Glad to hear he's a nice guy too. BTW, my youngest daughter, who's 20, likes him as well and she used him as a negotiating ticket recently. A guy wanted her to be his date for the monster truck rally, so she agreed to go, but only if he'd go to see Buble. Turns out they both had a great time at both events!

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