Saturday, February 6, 2010

On The Move

It's moving day in the Olympic City.

After 17 days in the "Chateau Granville" Hotel (they use the word "chateau" loosely at this 15-floor Best Western -- the staff here are very friendly, and the views of downtown are beautiful), yesterday two colleagues and I received the keys to The Castle, our Edelman apartment for the Games. More on that later. Hint: There's a marina about 10 feet from the front door.

Meanwhile, outside the city is on the move, too -- the sun is out and the Olympic energy is everywhere. A massive Canadian military helicopter just buzzed downtown, presumably on patrol. And some folks from Japanese media and Cartan Tours are moving in to their accommodations here at the chateau. I noticed a truck being unloaded at USA House (in a high rise apartment building), and they are putting the finishing touches on Irish House, a massive tent that was assembled atop a parking lot.

And last night, House of Switzerland opened on Granville Island (the opening party was interesting -- hoping to get back there during the Games as the media relations manager for Team Switzerland said "any night we medal is THE time to be here")

After cabbing it to the apartment and setting up shop there, hoping to trade some pins at the bay before taking the Vancouver Olympic Ferry from Horseshoe Bay for dinner on one of the islands west of the city (took the same boat ride last summer and can hardly wait -- absolutely breathtaking vistas on the water). So, more updates later in the weekend.

Enjoy the beautiful day!

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