Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here, KT KT KT

Remember the time when Kerri Walsh was wearing that curious black "stuff" on her shoulder during the Beijing beach volleyball games?
It was always my intention to try to learn more about "the stuff" but it slipped my mind.

And then the other day an e-mail arrived from the P.R. team for KT Tape, the proper name for the company/product that contributed to Walsh taking home the gold.

According to their website ...

"KT Tape is an elastic athletic tape that allows athletes to compete at the top of their game. Used as a preventative taping system, KT Tape enables athletes to perform at their highest levels with confidence."

Since we won't likely see too many beach volleyball players in Vancouver (note: if you spot ANY women's beach volleyball Olympians in town, a free blog pin goes to the first person to send me the news tip!), I was curious which Winter Olympic athletes might be donning KT Tape in British Columbia.

Quoth the press release ...

"Athletes from all sports use KT Tape. More and more people are discovering the difference KT Tape can make in their athletic performance. Injuries that usually sideline an athlete are no match for KT Tape. KT Tape provides relief for runner’s knee, tennis elbow, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, sprains, and general back and shoulder pain, as well as most muscle soreness or pain. All of these injuries respond well to treatment with KT Tape, allowing people to remain active while injured."

The tape is also available now to consumers.

Anyone else wondering whether KT Tape was part of that photo shoot for the new (and "controversial") Sports Illustrated cover featuring Lindsey Vonn?

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