Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sarah Sings "One Dream"

Over in Beijing, they had so many official Olympic songs, they filled two CDs. Among the greatest hits, "One World, One Dream."

It was surprising to find tonight that one of the official Vancouver tunes has the similar title "One Dream" performed by Canada's own Sarah McLachlan. Check it out!

Always enjoyed Sarah's voice ... even attended a Lilith Fair concert in Atlanta (dragged kicking and screaming by then-girlfriend). My favorite of her tunes is "Into The Fire" -- one of her earliest hits -- which also seems appropriate for the Olympic Torch Relay.
My favorite from Beijing was actually by another Sarah ... Brighman, that is. This performance still gives me chills!
But the all-time chill-inducing Olympic performance (just aheady of those baby grand pianos appearing out of nowhere at LA84): Pavarotti's performance in Torino. Not a dry eye in the house! I was lucky to be there, for his last live performance of his life. Bravo!
Photo via the Sarah McLachlan fan page on Facebook

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