Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Calm Before The Storm -- Peek Inside Our Office

Today in the Olympic city, the morning got off to a good start. My hotel is apparently the home of several Japanese media outlets starting to check in for Olympic reporting duties, and it was cool to visit with some of the new arrivals from Tokyo, Nagoya and other areas of the 1998 and 1964 Olympic host nation.

At work there are new arrivals, too. A colleague from Toronto is my new office neighbor, and we'll soon be roommates at a rented waterfront apartment a few blocks from B.C. Place.

Posting here, for the folks back home, a peek at the office and what will become a "war room" of sorts for our little P.R. enterprise during the Vancouver Olympics.

The photos also include a few tools of the trade (yes, now using two phones), my office (at least until the next wave of colleagues and clients arrives and we start sharing desks), the sofa where we may be crashing a night or two, and the giant spoon attached to the office key (all the newbies get to carry one for a few days).

Feast your eyes on the hot-off-the-press Edelman 2010 Olympic pin!


Marsi said...

Great pin! Any chance of a member of the public getting one? LOL!

Janet Cabot said...

Love your calm before the storm pics especially the multiple Blackberies. Hope I'm one of the first 10 to comment so I can get an Edelman pin - very cool!
will you be tweeting from the Olympics? If yes, what is the name?

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